crostini*VS :: Unique & Vintage Crafting Supplies on Etsy

crostini*VS on Etsy :: Specially curated vintage and supply from the Crostini Designs studio

*Crostini: [kroh-STEE-nee] 1. Meaning "little toasts" [Italian, diminutive of crosta, crust, from Latin crūsta.]

­crostini*VS is the offical Vintage & Supply arm of Crostini Designs studio.

Here you will find a rotating selection of unique, creative crafting supplies, as well as vintage goodies that I have collected over my many years of artistic endeavor (and obsessive supply hoarding!)

**2009 UPDATE: The crostini*VS studio has moved!**

Listings are light while I sort through the deitritus. If there is a supply item that you are looking for, but do not see in the shop listings, contact me and I'll prioritize your wish list!

crostini*VS :: Unique and Vintage Crafting Supplies on Etsy

Vintage papers, antique photographs, fine fabrics, fiber arts supplies, specialized tools, unique jewelry findings and project packs designed to help you jumpstart your own creative projects! Bellissima!

For detailed information on any of the crostini*VS items shown, simply click on that item's thumbnail photo. It will appear in a new browser window.

Most recently listed selections from crostini*VS: 

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